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Aged Baijiu


China is the hometown of Baijiu with its culture penetrating into all areas of social life for thousands of years. Baijiu’s characteristics of “The Older the Baijiu Becomes, the More Fragrant it Becomes, the More Expensive it Gets ” are widely recognized in the market without additional promotion. Product quality increases naturally over time, while product value grows naturally from year to year, making it an excellent investment collectible.



It has been thousand years for Chinese collecting and reserving baijiu for celebrating important moments such as birthday of kids, graduation, progression and marriage. However, as a result of the lacking in liquidity in the market, reserved baijiu is mainly for consumption and collection purposes, but not investment.


Aged Baijiu

Aged Baijiu represents baijiu which has been bottled for years and follows the Aged Baijiu Standard (T/CBJ 2101-2019) set by China Alcoholic Drinks Association.

Products scarce resources:   Drink one bottle, one bottle less         
Natural growth:   The older, the more expensive
Brand Profound culture:   Profound heritage, national treasure cellar          
High-end brand:   Top three, market recognition
Authenticity Authentic and reliable:    Authentic year and reliable quality
Circulation The realization is easy:     Platform trading, convenient and cheap
Return Short term price increase :   New products are scarce and price increases are expected
Long term upgrade:   The rise of the middle-class and the upgrading of consumption

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